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With Our exceptional Products!

Garden ResQ has been listed as a preferred supplier of Grey Water Products for the Financial Mail. Garden ResQ is proud to have been selected.

Due to the harsh South African sun, regardless of where you live in South Africa, Garden ResQ insists that all our products are made from materials that will be robust enough to withstand whatever is thrown at it.


Our products are fabricated not from standard untreated plastics but rather UV protected food grade LLDPE (Linear low density polyethylene)

LLDPE has a high tensile strength and is both impact and puncture resistant. It is also very flexible and will withstand cracking under a load. But because the product is tough, it does not mean it has to be ugly.

Our units are fabricated in “Grass green” to enable it to blend in with your existing garden without been seen as an eyesore.

These tough qualities will ensure that your unit will offer you years of service.

How is the grey water system used?


Garden ResQ has designed the Maxi and Maxi Pro as “self install” products. With this in mind, it was important that the process of installation be easy for the average DIY enthusiast.

Both products are easily connected directly to the plumbing outlet of the bathroom where they exit the home.These outlets must be visable from the outside of the house. If the pipes are not visable, the chances are that they have been combined with your “black water” sewage system either internally in the walls or underground. This makes using your grey water more problematic but not impossible.


On connecting the unit to your plumbing, all grey water originating from your bath and shower will now be diverted away from the sewage system and into the Garden ResQ grey water system. Your used bath and shower water will first be filtered by removing hair, lint and other solids before entering the unit. Please remember that it is almost impossible to remove soaps and shampoo additives from water in the home environment. In fact these additives are beneficial to plants and grass as they are found in fertilisers sold in garden shops and nurseries. Our automated pump will then switch on once a predetermined amount of water has entered the unit – sending your fairly clean water to your garden.

It is internationally agreed upon that the safest method of irrigating with grey water is use it in a way that avoids animal and/or human contact during the process. This is easily achieved with the Garden ResQ system as most bathing takes place in the early morning and late evening. Irrigating your garden will thus take place at the same time. It is during these times that there is normally no persons enjoying your garden and the water evaporation during these times is also at is minimum.

There are however a few plants species that are not tolerant of grey water:

Any plants that is found naturally in the wild are intolerant of a continouis supply of grey water. There are two reasons for this:

1. Plants found in the wild have adapted to the natural climate and rainy seasons and need this conditions to survive. Feeding these plants copious amounts of water will be killing them with kindness. A cactus is an excellent example.

2. Plants in the wild have adapted to the nutrients availabily in the soil where they thrive, Adding grey water to the mix, dramatically increases the nutrient availablity and this can be harmful. Fynbos is a good example as they flowish in low nutrient type soils.

As a result of the chemicals and additives in grey water, it tends to be on the alkaline side. Acid loving plants should be considered before irrigation.

Your garden center and/or nurseryman has the knowledge to provide you with the information you require when it comes to grey water reuse. If not – change nurseries as grey water reuse has become more popular and they need to “get with the program”

How does a grey water system work

Our products have automated submersible pumps which have been designed for grey water reuse. They are also spesifically designed for use with low pressure irrigation methods. This method includes the use of the pyramid or “skilpaaitjie” type sprinkler head.

Our products are not intended to be used with any pop up, mist or drip irrigation system. These systems utilise very small water exit holes and due to the nature of grey water, will block rather quickly. We are often called out to homes where competitor grey water systems are installed and the frustrated homeowner is required to walk around his garden with a paper clip to unblock dozens of tiny holes. its simply not worth the effort. Please don’t fall foul of grey water system suppliers that claim they can use pop up or mist type irrigation systems. Do your homework first should you insist on going this route. It is our humble opinion, that it is these fly by nights, that have given grey water systems a bad rap over the years. Attitudes are thankfully changing fast.

What is the Difference between the Maxi and the Maxi Pro

In short – both products look identicle and operate in exactly the same manner. The only difference is that we utilise a more powerfull grey water pump in the Maxi Pro. This unit is able to accommodate two sprinkler heads in a standard small/medium sized garden or can irrigate over a longer distance on a single head in a larger garden

What Maintenance is required

As with any piece of equipment, failing to keep a hand on maintenance can be costly and time consuming. We have tried, and succeeded, in keeping the maintenance of our units to the minimum.

Should your maintenance not be what it aught, your bathroom water will simply return to your sewer with our fail safe “return to sewer” feature. However the good news is that we have made it easy to maintain and it should never become a chore that we all tend to put off for another day.

The only home user serviceable component is the filter. By simply removing the filter from its housing and giving it a good squirt with your garden hosepipe, will leave your filter clean and ready for the next two or three weeks. This should not take you longer that five minutes. Less time consuming than cleaning a swimming pool filter and not nearly as often/

A few grey water system basics:

We have provided clean unhindered access to the filter. Clean this filter regularly of hair and lint.

Flush the entire unit with fresh water once a month. Use your high pressure hose connection for this. Once flushed, the unit will return to its “look like new” state due to our use of food grade materials. Please do not directly spay the electrical connections on the pump as this may damage the watertight seals

Please wash your hands after working with the unit or even better still why not wear a pair of “washing up” golves to protect yourself.

Try to be considerate and keep your grey water out of your neighbour’s property. We recommend that you also keep your grey water away from the storm water drains.

Your family and domestic help must be informed about the excessive usage of chemicals in the bathroom. Remember whatever is used in the bath or shower will land up in the garden. Normal household cleaner usage is fine.

Should you be required to use harsh chemicals in the bath or shower , please remember to divert this water directly to the sewer.






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