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1.                   Can I install a GREY WATER system myself?
YES. The Maxi Pro has been designed for the DIY homeowner market. The DIY handyman will be able to install our grey water system in an hour or two, although some homes with very low outlet pipes may take a little longer.


The minor plumbing work required is only to connect the unit to the existing outlet pipes. You won’t need to dig up your garden to accommodate ugly storage tanks, lay meters of additional plumbing pipe or hide the unit.

2.                   What is GREY WATER?
Grey water is waste water from the bath, shower, bathroom basins and washing machines. This fairly clean water is ideal for irrigation systems in the garden. The Grey water definition excludes water from the kitchen and toilets - this is called black water or sullage and must never be used in a grey water system.


Kitchen water often contains animal and vegetable matter which could affect your garden soil negatively. [NOTE: If you are to use your washing machine grey water, please ensure that you use a biodegradable washing powder].


3.                   Do I need chemicals or additives to treat my GREY WATER?
No. As the grey water is used directly from the bathroom and is never stored for long periods, the water is relatively pollutant and bacteria free. The grey water is never given a chance to stagnate which therefore reduces the chance of offensive odours and / or bacteria proliferation.

4.                   Why you should not use a storage tank for GREY WATER
Garden ResQ never stores grey water as this is illegal in most developed countries as it will pose a health risk. Garden ResQ follows various international health standards that state that grey water must never be kept for longer than a day. Our recommendation is "Use It - 0r loose It ". Stored grey water results in a pathogen bloom that may be a health risk - never mind the terrible odour when left to stagnate. Grey water stored for any period of time will be devoid of oxygen which is a requirement of the plants and lawn you wish to water. The Garden ResQ unit makes use a surge tank to allow for large amounts of water entering the unit when the bath plug is pulled or there are more than one inlets coming from two bathrooms. The pump switches on AUTOMATICALLY as the water levels in the tank increase. Water discharge to the lawn therefore happens straight away.

5.                   What type of irrigation may I use
The Garden ResQ unit has been designed for use with the "pyramid" type sprinkler head, available at any hardware store or garden centre. This type of sprinkler allows for a single large outlet that delivers large water droplets. [Grey water CANNOT be used with drip irrigation, pop up or mist sprayers - as these consist of very small water exit holes and will block with the use of Grey Water].

6.                   Must I clean the interior of my grey water unit?
It is normally good practice to clean the interior of the Garden ResQ unit every few months. This will take no longer than 5 minutes. Should you notice a slight grey water odour when you irrigate, flush the surge tank with a jet of water from your garden hose once the unit has been disconnected from the main power supply. This will loosen any grime that has built up over the months and, without any rubbing or scrubbing. A litre of white vinegar may be added to the unit 30 minutes before activating the pump again. It is good practice to flush the system with fresh water in this way every few weeks. This will also assist in getting rid of any sludge which may have settled on the bottom of the unit over time. The small amount of vinegar in this concentration will not harm your garden.

7.                   How often should I clean the GREY WATER filter?
Check your filter weekly to see whether it is blocking up in any way. Flush under a tap is blocked. As this filter will contain hair, soap scum and other debris, it is recommended that due caution is taken at all times when working with any grey water filter. Please wash your hands after cleaning the filter

8.                   May I use harsh chemicals when cleaning my bath or shower?
Remember that any harsh chemical product used in the bath or shower will end up in the garden. Please use these products sparingly. Use of bath oils, bubble bath and bath salts can be used however they should be used sparingly. There are ranges of chemical free cleaners on the market and come highly recommended as they do not harm flora or fauna even in large doses. Any other biodegradable products are recommended. General household cleaners are safe in the quantities recommended on their labels.






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